January 26, 2021


Transition was a born from a desire to give poetic form to inner chaos. Thirty two poems trace my path from the child who lost her roots to the woman who retrieved them from within herself. These poems have been framed with an introduction by Wallis Wilde Menozzi, a cosmopolitan poet, who generously held out her hand to guide me.

Transition is available from Swiss bookshops or may be purchased directly from me (joann@joannrasch.com).





“I am blown away by how powerful this little book is. How important it is for us to put our work into a finished form! I’m inspired and awed. I will keep it close at hand and savor it bit by bit with my morning coffee.”
Mary Parlange  (Writer, translator –  www.gydle.ch/blog)

“Jo Ann Hansen Rasch’s poems breathe a longing to enter into an inheritance she intuits is hers, a home, a birthright – culturally, linguistically, poetically. The poems are the arresting transcript of her attempt to put that longing into words – and it is a story that is only beginning.”
Michael Hulse  (Poet, editor, translator – www.contemporarywriters.com)


“Jo Ann Hansen Rasch has crafted a beautiful book of poetry. Her poems take us from New Zealand on an immigrant ship to the promised land. That promise she finds in herself. Hence the title of this first collection. Transition. The poems are alive, visual, generous. They trace the poet’s path with lyricism and uncensored images, leaving the reader with a desire for more.”
Susan Tiberghien (Writer, teacher – www.susantiberghien.com)


“Dream the madness of poetry … Jo Ann Hansen Rasch’s dazzling use of words fills both mind and heart, grounding us in what may well be the antidote to true madness: the terra firma of the creative vision.”
Mary Anna Barbey (Writer, journalist – www.maryanna-barbey.com)