January 26, 2021

Other publications


Selected Works: Non-fiction essays, poems and short stories

Undercurrents: Personal essay in multicultural non-fiction anthology Swaying. University of Iowa Press, USA.
The Door: Personal essay in multicultural non-fiction anthology Cupid’s Wild Arrows, Bergli Books Ltd., Switzerland.
(Also published by The Crossing Press, USA under the title Breaking Convention with Intercultural Romances and translated into German by Beck’sche Reihe, Germany.)
Flanders: At War
A Retreat

(Southern Ocean Review, Square One Press, Dunedin, New Zealand)
To Nietzsche: in Destruction and Creation: Facing the Ambiguities of Power published by Spring Books, USA.
Meditation: in Echoes of Silence published by Spring Books, USA.
One Night in Udaipur
Women’s Voices
In Casamance
The Last Time
Baked Earth
The Ticket
At the Swimming Pool
Train Muses
Elegy for Pierre Baum’s Orchard

Personal essays published in the Geneva Writers’ Group’s biennial anthology, Offshoots

The Devil’s Crest
My Journal, August 1991, Vashon Island
My Journal, July 30th 1994, Boston
This is our Century, To Sappho etc.
All published in Lakelines, Lausanne, Switzerland
Flanders: At War
Silent Night, Holy Night
Landmarks of Love

To Philippe With Love
Elegy for Pierre Baum’s Orchard 

Short stories and poems published in Ex Tempore; an International Literary Journal. Publisher: United Nations, Geneva.

In 2009 I was the editor for the anthology Offshoots, which was celebrating its twentieth year of existence.