February 19, 2018


Sylvia Petter

A generous Australian author, living in Vienna, with many tips and leads for international writers. She also blogs at Mercsworld

 Wallis Wilde-Menozzi

An American poet and writer, living in Parma, Italy, who creates thoughtful, sensitive texts that are like “trees in a deforested land.”

 Alistair Scott

Photographer and writer Alistair Scott reveals not only the techniques and history of photography, but also its visual poetry.

The Geneva Writers’ Group

A gathering of international writers which not only encourages individual creations, but also publishes a biennial anthology Offshoots and on alternative years organizes an exciting writers’ conference. The group’s leader, Susan Tiberghien is a well-known writer and teacher.

 International PEN (Swiss Romand Branch)

This is the Swiss French part of PEN International, a non-profit organization that upholds freedom of expression and believes literature can be a bridge to promote peace and understanding among nations.

 The Léman Poetry Workshop

Founded by award-winning poet Brian Hughes and Karen Mason in 1999, this group meets regularly to review members’ works, publish poetry and organise poetry events in the Lac Léman region.

 Château de Lavigny

An international Writers’ Residence that was founded in memory of  the German publisher, Heinrich Maria Ledig-Rowohlt. The Château fosters “a spirit of community and creativity” amongst writers from around the world.


 This is my favorite Lausanne bookshop, owner Matthew Wake.

 Gydle – A blog of many flavors

Mary Parlange’s blog that brilliantly sorts through scientific and personal events.

 Marie Fazan

An artist who understands that old books and new ones need beautiful covers.